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* Ashgrove, 24 Nov: 'Vomiting on pavement'

(21088) Students in Ashgrove Road ran drunken relay races in the street, vomiting onto the pavement, according to complaints from two residents.

The complaints refer to events outside two student houses in the street in the early evening of 24 November 2021.

Resident1 wrote to UoB: "We want to make the strongest possible complaint about the students in the above address. Between 19.00 and 19.30 (rough timing) this evening approximately 50 students in fancy dress gathered outside the above premises and then proceeded to run relay races up and down the road using the pavement outside our house .... to drink beer as quickly as possible, vomit it out with undigested food mixed in and then run back to the start point. Ghastly shouting and yelling throughout and bystanders, dressed in the same fancy dress, egged them on.

"I was putting the bins out as they stopped by our gate, vomited and continued. They could see me clearly but no apologies and I felt sufficiently intimidated not to try to intervene. I called 101 and the Police said they would send some officers around—we did not see any Police but they may have attended. ...

"I have just returned to our house after spending 15 minutes hosing down our pavement and immediate vicinity. It was disgusting and unpleasant to have to do this. Much of it remains."

The resident says his wife saw people going in and out of the properties during the disturbance. "Clearly, with 50 students milling around that would be too many to all be living in the two properties, so [we] presume there were many visitors. It must have been pre-planned as they all gathered at roughly the same time and proceeded to behave in the most disgusting way, taking no account of the residents."

Resident2 says: "There was a group of 50+ students making a huge amount of noise on Ashgrove Road—singing, running/racing in the road, drinking, puking and spitting drink into the street. The students were gathered directly on the drive of [xx] Ashgrove Road ... but sprawled out into the road. I had to weave between students to access my own drive.

"I saw people going directly in and out from No. [xx] to the group. It's possible that both of the student properties (both xx and xx) were involved, but I didn't see anyone going in or out of the house furthest from my own ...".

"The noise from the students could be heard loudly throughout our flat. My partner was working from home and had to relocate to the bedroom to be able to carry out work calls, but the noise could still be heard loudly. I returned home from work to continue working and had to do the same to try and avoid the noise.

"I complained to Operation Beech at 19:09 about the noise and got a response around 20:59, by which point the students had gone. I think it was a sports team as they were singing sports songs at the top of their voices."

(Operation Beech is available only from 8pm on selected nights. See this page for details:

These reports represent a second complaint from local residents about one of the houses, and a third complaint against the other.

Reported to UoB or UWE: B

Raised with landlord / property agents: --

Reported to police: Beech, 101

Complaint # in series: 1

Previous reports # citing these addresses: 04/07/2021 and 21/07/2021

Total incident(s) in this report: * 1

# From 1 July 2021

* Includes incidents mentioned in this email that have not been recorded previously.


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