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Noise reports: Reverting to trend? September sees rise in complaints

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Complaints rose in September after an August dip (red bars in chart below) — The Noise Pages recorded 20 reports* in September as the new academic year began.

This may be a sign that the traditional pattern of noise is reasserting itself—which suggests October could be noisy. Last year, the pandemic distorted the picture, with a huge spike in the summer but a subdued autumn caused by covid restrictions. With no restrictions currently in place, we may be seeing a return to "normal"—in the past, October has usually been the peak month for noise complaints.

* Reports often refer to more than one incident. The chart counts reports, not incidents.

If you are disturbed by noise you think is caused by students, and it's a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night, 8pm to 2am, text Operation Beech on 07773 816 248. Beech is an anti-noise police patrol paid for by the University of Bristol. It's due to run through October—the UoB web page ( will presumably be updated with the new dates. (Don't text at other times—no one will answer!) The most recent incidents are displayed on my home page (newest first). You can see earlier ones here, or select from the Incident tab in the menu at the top of the page. The yearly lists display oldest first. For advice on how to respond to noise, go here or click the link (blue button) at the top of the home page.

These lists record a (broadly) representative sample of complaints that illustrate the nature of noise disturbance, particularly at night, and the effects on other residents.

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