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January 15, 2020


The good news as we enter 2020 is that noise incidents are down so far this academic year, according to records kept by The Noise Pages. The site logged 52 incidents in the autumn term, almost the same as a year earlier, but they came from a wider area. Incidents declined in the "core" area of Chandos, and parties were down across all areas. Read more ....

Most noise incidents are associated with HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation), so what happens with HMO planning and licensing rules is crucial to the future of student noise. Proposals to tighten the rules on the creation of new HMOs were derailed last year. Local councillors are now part of efforts to revive them. Read more ....

The University of Bristol didn't hold its traditional community liaison forum in December and when questioned said it doesn't plan any more meetings "in that format". It says it's considering reviving something called the Bristol Student Community Partnership. But will residents be invited? Read more ....

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Charts by based on University of Bristol complaints figures for 2018-19.


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