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* Waverley, 23 July: 'Woken by group in street'

(S052) Report of street noise in Waverley Road in the early hours of 23 July, by unidentified people.

A resident emails: "I was woken at 2.30 this morning by what sounded like a large group of people moving slowly down Waverley Road. It wasn't a party, but they sounded like they were going home after one. Shouting, singing and swearing went on for about 15 min. Bristol has usually gone quiet by this month, but then we're not in normal times."

(Email, 23/07/2020, 11:24,ks)

Note: It's often difficult or impossible to identify those responsible for passing street noise, which is why incidents such as this are rarely reported. I nevertheless believe these cases may represent the largest category of noise, causing disrupted sleep to a great many people. I publish reports when I get them, or when I observe cases myself, simply to remind everyone of this and to record some examples. AW


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