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► Cowper, Jun 23: 'Regularly disturbed'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19086) A resident has complained to UoB about repeated noise disturbances in Cowper Road.

He says in an email to me: "For the 3rd consecutive week my wife and I have been regularly disturbed throughout the early hours of Tuesday morning by UoB students walking or hanging around on Cowper Road.

"Disturbances occurred this morning at 12:40am, 1:30am and 4:35am.

"At 1:30am I did get dressed, go out and speak to both sets of noisy students, asking them to be quiet and move on. However, it’s difficult to do this on every occasion and, to be frank, I’ve got better things to be doing - like sleeping so I’m refreshed for work the next day.

"The disturbance at 4:35am was a group of young male students who walked up the road laughing, shouting and generally behaving like it was 4:35 in the afternoon."

(Email, June 23, 2020. 19:51)


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