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► Lansdown, Feb 19: 'Call to Operation Beech'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19066) Various residents have reported noise disturbance in the street on Lansdown Road on the night of February 19, 2020.

One person says she texted Operation Beech, the police patrol funded by UoB, but gives no further details other than to say "[The police] response was immediate ... really great service that is running."

(Email: Feb 19, 2020. 22:17)

Others have reported noise associated with two groups of students who left houses later in the evening.

One resident says: "Noticed a low level of noise until about 11.30 when just about to go to bed. Then lots of shouting and street noise from about 30+ girls leaving no [xx]. I went out, and noticed a police car in the street. I spoke to one of the girls. She said it’s OK as they were all going out & the police were already there. But they [were] still shouting and generally very noisy as they were slowly leaving the house. I asked if they could be quiet – one shouted at top of voice ‘Shut up’ with no effect, but at least she tried. It was quiet again by about 11.50."

(Email: Feb 20, 2020. 14:36)

Another resident says: "The students at [xx] were noisy, although it’s worth pointing out students from other houses added to the disturbance." He adds that the students at [xx] had told him beforehand they would be having a gathering and leaving at 11pm, so he was mentally prepared for some noise and believed it would be short-lived.

He adds: "The noise that did disturb me was from the students at No [xx], directly opposite. Just before midnight at least 20 students (probably more?) came spilling out shouting and yelling as they piled into the ubiquitous phalanx of Ubers."

He says there was "just as much noise" from this second group as from the first. "Wednesday nights are usually noisy, and yesterday was no exception. On top of [xx] and [xx] there was the usual shouting etc. as groups moved about in neighbouring streets."

(Email: Feb 20, 2020. 22:31)


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