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► Lansdown, Jan 29: 'Shouting in street'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19059) A resident in Lansdown Road reports being woken on consecutive nights, Tuesday, Jan 28, and Wednesday, Jan 29, at around 11-30pm by students leaving house parties to get taxis.

She cites "people screaming and shouting in the street" for roughly 20 minutes on each occasion.

"I know it’s only 20 minutes but it’s enough to be woken properly and then struggle to get back to sleep."

(Email, Jan 31, 2020. 18:27)

Students commonly meet for "pre-drinks" gatherings before leaving to go to the pubs and clubs. This often leads to substantial disturbance as groups wait in the street for taxis. UoB advises its students that parties should be quiet by 10pm on week nights.


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