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► Hampton Park, Jan 28: 'Noise every night'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19055) A resident of Hampton Park, near the junction with Cotham Hill, has written to UoB complaining about frequent street noise.

She asks the university to send out a "round robin" reminder to students to be quiet when they're walking home after a night out.

In her email, sent just after 5am on Jan 28, she says: "Since last Friday I have not had a full night’s sleep—any night!—due to continuous disturbance throughout the night.

"Last term, such disturbance was minimal ... It is not caused thus far by students living nearby but by students returning home talking very loudly and on many occasions female students screaming loudly!

"This behaviour this week has been—it is still happening as I write—the worst for several years!"

► On Friday, Jan 24, at about 23:15, I watched a small group of student-age people, all male, walking from the Chandos/Hampton Road junction through Hampton Park to Cotham Hill, all the while shouting at the tops of their voices (in French, so far as I could tell). AW



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