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► Hampton, Nov 28: 'Woken 4 times'

(19043) A resident reports being disturbed on several successive nights by noisy groups on the street near the junction of Hampton Road and Abbotsford Road.

At just after midnight on Mon/Tue, Nov 25/26, she wrote: "Have yet again been woken by a group of rude students, seemingly largely women from their voices, wandering up Hampton Road. Why they so often choose to stop in this area to shout at each other I cannot fathom."

(Email: Nov 26, 2019. 00:22)

A day later, she reported being woken by "a large gaggle of loud, obnoxious, largely female young (student-aged) people making lots of the usual noise: singing, chatting very loudly, occasionally inexplicably shrieking, on and on and on."

(Email: Nov 27, 2019. 10:42)

And at midnight on Thursday, Nov 28, she recorded: "I've been woken up 4 times in the last hour by groups of students on Hampton Road either shouting, singing, or both."

(Email: Nov 28, 2019. 00:00)


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