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► Hampton, Nov 8: 'Endless screaming'

(19035) Large group of students shouting on Hampton Road, near Abbotsford Road, on evening of Friday, Nov 8, 2019.

A resident reported: "They are literally shrieking as loud as they can, for no apparent reason, unceasingly as they slowly migrate up the street. No singing, no chatting, just shrieking and screaming and the occasional loud but unintelligible shouting of words. It's inscrutable, but quite intentionally anti-social.... It's actually been ongoing now for quite a while. It's not just a passing group that fades away as the wander up the street (which is bad enough). They seem to be hanging out, perhaps near the [petrol] station? And the volume is weirdly constant, as if they are doing it on purpose. Endless screaming just for the sake of it."

(Email Nov 8, 2019 21:41)


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