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► Waverley, 28 Sep: Beech police 'shut down' party

(19009) Operation Beech police respond to loud party at student house in Waverley Road, in the vicinity of Rokeby Avenue, on Fri/Sat, 28/29 September 2019.

(Updated: report updated with confirmation this involved Operation Beech and students are with UoB)

A resident has complained to UoB: "I was woken up at 12.30 with loud shouting, whooping and general noise in the street outside No.[xx], with noise also coming from the indoor party. My house is about 30 yards from No.[xx]. I endured it until about 1.15, when I went out to talk to them (in the pouring rain).

"By that time, there were 2 police officers there who told me that they had "shut it down" and that they would return the next day when the occupants were sober. I therefore did not go and talk to the students.

"I have lived here for 16 years. There are always noisy parties and outdoor gatherings in Waverley Road, particularly at the start and end of terms. It's great that the universities are now taking this anti-social behaviour seriously by paying for patrols at sensitive times.

"Thanks to the officers who attended."

(Email 29 Sep 2019 11:23)

(Update: 30 Sep)

In a later email, the resident confirms that the two officers were with Operation Beech, though she had not contacted them herself. Noise continued for about half an hour after the officers spoke to her, but "it was quiet by about 2:15." UoB has visited the students.

(Email 20 Sep 2019 16:23)


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