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Operation Beech

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Summary: Check this page occasionally for dates of operation and other updates. (Mobile users: scroll down for map.)

Operation Beech at a glance

Funded by University of Bristol. Two-person mobile police patrol will respond to student-noise incidents.

  • Areas: Chandos / Waverley (see map),
    Manor Park, Ashgrove Rd, Highbury Villas, Eaton Crescent, Arlington Villas


  • Dates:
    Beech takes a pause for the rest of November, resuming as follows:

    Wednesday, Dec 11
    Friday, Dec 13
    Saturday, Dec 14
    Dec 18
    Thursday, Dec 19
    Friday, Dec 20

  • Times: 8pm to 2am

  • Number to text: 07773 816248

    Version: September 2019

This page presents my advice. Users must make their own judgment. If you complain in person to people creating noise, try to remain calm and business-like, and avoid inflammatory words or action.