Operation Beech

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Summary: Check this page occasionally for dates of operation and other updates. (Mobile users: scroll down for map.)

Operation Beech at a glance

Funded by University of Bristol. Two-person mobile police patrol will respond to student-noise incidents.

  • Areas: Chandos / Waverley (see map),
    Manor Park, Ashgrove Rd, Highbury Villas, Eaton Crescent, Arlington Villas.

    (Note: Those are the priority areas, but if the Beech officers aren't busy, they may accept texts from other nearby areas. Worth trying.)

  • Dates:
    Beech will return in February 2020
    (See calendar at right/below.)

  • Times: 8pm to 2am

  • Number to text: 07773 816248


There is also now an Operation Beech link on the University of Bristol website.

(Amendments or additions to details on this page will be made as and when necessary. If there is any discrepancy between this page and the UoB page above, follow the UoB page unless otherwise indicated.)

Version: January 2020

This page presents my advice. Users must make their own judgment. If you complain in person to people creating noise, try to remain calm and business-like, and avoid inflammatory words or action.

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