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► Lansdown, 26 Sep: 'Festival of noise'

(19006) Party at house in Lansdown Road, east side, late Thursday, 26 September 2019, followed by disturbances in the street after midnight.

Two residents have sent complaints to UoB.

Resident 1 writes: "Tonight a large number of students gathered at [xx] Lansdown Road for a party. There were noisy groups in the rear garden, in the house and spilling into the street. About 11.30pm I went to ask them to stop the noise and found another neighbour was already complaining to one of the student residents.

" ... Fortunately he appreciated just how disturbing they were being, was very apologetic and was already in the process of asking everyone to leave. Whilst this was a good response, clearing that many noisy, hyped-up students takes a long time, and generates huge disturbance in the street. Even now, an hour later, some are still in the street talking loudly, shouting etc.

"If the last week is anything to go by, I’m afraid that won't be the end of it. There are now so many students in the street that noisy groups come and go throughout the night. As noise from one group dies away—and you hope that’s it for the night—another bunch start up. It can go on for hours."

(Email 27 Sep 2019 01:41)

The same resident wrote again, later: "My worst fears were founded as the rest of the night turned into a virtually continuous festival of noise. Groups of students moved up and down Lansdown Road shouting and yelling without any consideration or thought for people they were affecting. The noise generated would have been disturbing in the middle of the afternoon, but in the middle of the night, when most are trying to sleep, that level of noise becomes anti-social behaviour."

(Email 27 Sep 2019 11:54)

Resident 2 says: "The behaviour of students has become each year more disturbing and disruptive. It is impossible at the start of each year to get a decent night’s sleep."

(Email 27 Sep 2019 08:13)

UoB later acknowledged the complaint and staff visited the house where the party was held.

Note: UoB guidelines suggest "quiet by 10pm" for midweek events. This address was the subject of complaints in 2018/19 (see incident reports 18034 and 18049) when occupied by different students.

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