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► Meridian Place, 28 Feb: 'Drunk and shouting'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18070) Group of about 10 students making noise on street at about 11pm, Thursday, 28 February 2019; refused to move on when resident shouted to them from a first-floor window.

A resident who has complained before about street noise at this location has written to the University of Bristol about this incident. She and her husband had gone to bed, and needed to be up early because he had a flight to catch. "As we were falling asleep around 11 pm, about ten students gathered in front of our building, just below our bedroom window on the first floor. They were drunk and shouting and had no intentions to go away."

She says both she and her husband called down to the students, to no avail.

The resident then went into the street and filmed the group using her mobile phone. She has copied the video to the university, along with the police and local councillors.

In a separate email, she calls on the university, police and others to find ways to prevent similar incidents in future: "A significant number [of] students see the city as their playground and act as if they are in contempt of the community. ... As I have reported before, they shout, vomit, urinate, break bins, get involved in altercations among themselves (I have previously shown a video to [the police] where 3-4 students were fighting right in front of our building). ... What we need is real behavioural change, care, concern and respect for the city and its residents."


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