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UoB rules and web links

Key information about community-conduct rules you can show to students

The information below is sourced from these pages on UoB's website:


The main rule in relation to noise and parties

What used to be the “Local Rules”, which apply to student behaviour in *private* rented accommodation (as opposed to the university’s own halls), now appear at Annex 2 in the main Student Disciplinary Regulations. Misbehaviour includes:

  • “excessive noise or gatherings that cause a disturbance to members of the local community ...”

(The previous wording referred explicitly to excessive noise “at any time of day or night”. While those words have been removed, the effect is the same: Noise is a problem at any time. For some years, UoB did advise informally that noise should be curtailed at 10pm on week nights or midnight at weekends; that guidance has been dropped because it contradicted the disciplinary rule.)

Section A2.3 of the same document sets out potential penalties, which include a written reprimand, a requirement to write a letter of apology, a formal caution (which acts like a suspended sentence), a fine of up to £250 or up to 20 hours’ unpaid community service.

(These details are quoted from the 2023-24 regulations; they are updated annually.)

In 2022-23, 129 students were fined $250. UoB can also refer students to the council and the police for further action. Two students in that year ended up in the magistrates court as a result of one such referral. (Source: Bristol Student Community Partnership.)


Other Key Guidance

UoB and UWE jointly produce a “Love Where You Live” leaflet. Key quotes:

  • “Loud house parties are not acceptable in residential areas and cause distress to people living around you.”

  • “Keep an eye on the time and respect that others around you are entitled to peace and quiet and a decent night’s sleep.”

UoB also produces a PDF guide: “Students on the Move: From Halls to House”. Key quotes:

  • “Noise can be considered excessive at any time of the day or night.”

  • “You are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors.”

  • “What may not sound loud to you may disturb your neighbours.”

  • There are no ‘student areas’ in Bristol.”

(Note: This guide lists community behaviour rules on page 10. The wording is now out of date. Refer to the Student Disciplinary Regulations mentioned above.)


Andrew Waller




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