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Time to change: Stepping back from role with residents’ groups

I have stepped back from my role as coordinator of a list of 12 residents’ associations (RAs) that are associated with the Bristol Student Community Partnership.

After more than three years in the role, and two years representing the RAs at BSCP meetings, I’ve told the associations I need to reprioritise my time for personal reasons. While I intend to remain engaged with student matters to some degree, overall I will gradually be reducing my commitments.

However, I plan to keep the Noise Pages website running for the foreseeable future.

Another resident has volunteered to coordinate the RAs list, and I’m hopeful this will ensure that groups continue to discuss their shared concerns over student matters and the university.

The 12 groups represent members across residential districts near the University of Bristol, some of which have large student populations. Residents’ concerns typically focus on noise disturbances and failures to deal properly with household waste.

When the university set up the BSCP, it granted the combined groups (then seven in number) two seats at partnership meetings. I have been one of the two delegates at each of the 10 meetings held to date. The last meeting was in July; the next will be in October.




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