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Sign petition to 'sound-proof' HMOs!

A resident in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, has created an online petition to Parliament urging that HMOs be "sound-proofed".

So far (27 November) it's received 211 signatures from around the country. If it gets to 10,000, the government is obliged to respond, and at 100,000 it would be considered for a debate in Parliament. Should be easy—sign it and tell your neighbours!

The petition states: "Neighbours of HMOs are suffering from the noises of HMOs, including from 'heavy hydraulic-sprung doors'. Many domestic/prefabricated properties (some with no cavity - just solid walls, thin party walls and no insulation/soundproofing) were not designed and built to accommodate those style of doors."

Its creator is identified as "Norbert Glasgow". Google searches identify a Stevenage-based R&B and Soul singer of that name but also a Stevenage-based person of the same name who's been pursuing a longstanding noise complaint. It's not clear if they are the same person.

Turns out "Norbert the petitioner" has made a long series of complaints to Stevenage council about the noise from auto-closing fire doors in the HMO next door.

That's a problem many residents will recognise. In fact, I specifically recommended that both internal and external doors should be fitted with soft-closers in my recent submission to the HMO consultation here in Bristol. (See links at end.)

Part of Norbert's story can be seen here. A different website offers further insight into how his latest petition came about (read the Updates, at the bottom of the page):

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