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* Roslyn, 20 Jul: 'My children are exhausted'

(21023) A mother has complained strongly about noise disturbance at a property in Roslyn Road on the night of Mon-Tues, 19-20 July 2021.

Writing to UoB at 10-30pm, she said: "It’s been an absolute nightmare on Roslyn Road this evening—there has been so much noise. Around 30 or so students packed in to the next-door (no. xx) garden having pre-drinks before the club. Extremely loud talking and shouting (although music was turned down on request). They have woken my young children on numerous occasions. Other neighbours have also requested they keep it down.

"Other surrounding houses [are] also so loud. There has been so much noise we literally couldn’t hear ourselves talk inside our house let alone in the garden.

"It’s gone 10pm now and although some have gone to the club the remaining guests are refusing to go inside. Very rude and obnoxious attitude and I have been asking them repeatedly since 8pm to keep the noise down.

"We have work in the morning and it’s so hot we have to keep the windows open - this is totally unacceptable ... Thank Boris for ‘freedom day’ - it’s been a joy."

The following morning she emailed: "Further to my email last night, just to let you know that the students returned at around 4.30am and were back out in the garden. There were about 7/8 of them out there ‘talking’. At around 5am my husband asked them to go inside.

"We have work today and our children have school and nursery. With the heat and all the noise disturbances, they are beside themselves with exhaustion this morning."

During a follow-up email discussion on Wednesday (21 July) she added: " ... I totally appreciate that they want to use their garden in the evenings, as we all do in warm weather and I have no problem with a normal level of conversation between friends, which is what they did last night and I took no issue with it. But it can often get too rowdy in the daytime and nighttime and that takes away the enjoyment for other residents trying to relax in their garden especially at the end of a day's work.

"Monday, however, was a very different situation entirely. 30 or so students (mostly guests) in the garden screaming and shouting and very, very drunk. Half the group left around 10.30pm, the others well after 11pm. They also made a lot of noise in the street when leaving.

"We both have professional jobs and are currently working from home ... and we have young children who go to bed and get up early and have nursery and school the next day. Therefore, no time of day is okay for 30 people to be screaming in such close proximity in the back gardens."

Reported to UoB or UWE: B

Raised with landlord / property agents: --

Reported to police: UoB officer

Complaint # in series: 1

Previous report # citing this address: xxxxxx

Total incident(s) in this report: * 1

# From 1 July 2021

* Includes incidents mentioned in this email that have not been recorded previously.


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