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* Hampton, 4 Aug: 'Party spilling into street'

(21035) Complaint about noise disturbance at a student house in Hampton Road on 4 August 2021. This is the third noise complaint against this property in less than a month.

Resident emailed UoB to say: "Wednesday, 4th August, 23:15hrs ... Party spilling out into the street again before dispersing into taxis / walking off."

He has since written a lengthy complaint addressed to UoB, the police, Flatline (agents for the property), and Bristol City Council.

He states: "Number [xx] has been occupied by three separate cohorts of students in the [two and a half years] I have been living at my address. Every year of living here I have had the need to complain about this property. The main complaints consist of :

  • noise generated from house parties,

  • anti-social behaviour consisting of the occupants and visitors congregating at the front of the house drinking, shouting, swearing and leaning on/falling into parked vehicles

  • drug misuse (the use of cannabis in the rear garden which emits the smell into our property)

  • the inability to keep the front of their property to a clean standard (litter, full rubbish bags etc) strewn over the pavement

"In all, I have raised a number of complaints with the Police (both through calling 101 as well as using the [Operation Beech] system on the allocated days), complaints directly with the University and complaints raised with Flatline ...

This year these are just SOME of the incidents I have logged ... :

"1. 26th June 2021 – A large amount of little and rubbish bags were left on the pavement outside the address (photo evidenced). This was sent to Flatline and UoB. It was cleared the following day following a response from UoB that they would instruct Bristol Waste to attend.

"2. 14th July 2021 – Contacted Police due to a house party of 25+ causing ASB in the street outside the property but also the rear garden (video evidenced).

"3. 31st July 2021 – Contacted Police due to another house party. Groups outside the address smashing glass bottles, shouting and swearing. Police attended and gave words of advice however 3 hours later the house party was in full swing again (Video and photo evidenced). ...

"4. 31st July 2021 – The following morning I sent another email showing the aftermath of rubbish left outside the address.

"5. 4th August 2021 – Another house party which spilled out into the street causing noise, falling into parked cars and placing glass bottles into the gutter where there are cars parked."

Reported to UoB or UWE: B

Raised with landlord / property agents: Flatline

Reported to police: UoB officer

Complaint # in series: 3

Previous report # citing this address: 31/07/2021

Total incident(s) in this report: * 1

# From 1 July 2021

* Includes incidents mentioned in this email that have not been recorded previously.

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