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* Hampton, 13 Nov: 'Many calls to Beech'

(21084) A resident says he and his wife have had to call Operation Beech "on many occasions" following repeated noise disturbances at a student property next door to them near the junction of Hampton Road and Chandos Road.

In a complaint to UoB, he says his family has lived at their current address since 2014 "and for the most part have considered that the occupants of the adjoining student property, no. xx, have behaved appropriately within the community. ... However, this has far from been the case with the new occupants this academic year. They seem to have no comprehension of what is an acceptable level of noise or general behaviour. "We have had to call on the services of Operation Beech on many occasions. ... It is not uncommon for noise to occur whilst [the students are] preparing for a night out (before 8pm), then [it's] quiet whilst they are out, then the noise resumes on their return from a club (after 2am)." He adds: "Antisocial noise is becoming more and more prevalent. It is now at an unbearable level and I believe to such a point that the University needs to take direct action. This is a view shared by our neighbours." "Yesterday, music was being played at such a volume at around 7pm that, even through closed double-glazed windows, people walking on the pavement opposite were looking up to the bedroom where the music was coming from. This was at a time that our son, aged 7, goes to bed."

He says he went next door and talked to five male students. "I tried to engage with them to explain that whilst it was not late into the evening the level of noise was far from acceptable, and was impacting on ourselves. Our children repeatedly are awoken by music being played at excessive levels. Unfortunately the students were wholly unsympathetic and obstinate. ... They kept repeating 'we’re off to the pub' and 'the music’s off now, so what’s the problem?' ..." Despite this conversation, he says "shouting and music, and what appeared to be banging on walls, resumed several hours later."

Having gone to bed at 10pm because he needed to be up early to take his daughter to swimming training, he says that "by 2:15am I was awoken again, from noise from the adjoining bedroom, but also from the communal spaces." He could hear references to his house number and the words “children next door” but these were spoken "in a tone that was making a mockery of our conversation earlier in the evening. By this time Operation Beech was no longer in operation. The noise continued for a further hour." He adds: "This broken sleep pattern is extremely damaging. Unfortunately, it is typical of many evenings, and is significantly impacting on the enjoyment of our home." Reported to UoB or UWE: B

Raised with landlord / property agents: --

Reported to police: Beech

Complaint # in series: 1

Previous report # citing this address: xxxxxx

Total incident(s) in this report: * (multiple)

# From 1 July 2021

* Includes incidents mentioned in this email that have not been recorded previously.


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