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* Lansdown, 24 July: '2am request rejected'

(S056) Complaint about multiple disturbances from a student property in Lansdown Road, most recently in the early hours of 24 July 2020.

A resident who lives in Stanley Road, back to back with Lansdown, has written to UoB detailing four instances of disturbance from the property since the start of July, as well as noise from other students houses nearby.

In relation to the most recent entry in the list, she writes: "24 July—2am, asleep in my own bedroom [she had moved to a different room on other occasions]. I wake at 2am and hear multiple people talking in the garden. I shout out my window “Go inside, it is 2am!” A male voice immediately shouts back “Shut up, [her name]”. I say again “It’s 2 am”; they shout back "Give it a rest!”

"I am so angry now that I can’t get back to sleep for several hours! They had been so exceptionally polite previously that I had wanted to give them a chance to settle in, but now I am worried that they intend to carry on all summer with night noise at unreasonable times. I should NOT have to listen to neighbour noise late at night. It is now affecting my health."

(Email to me, 25 July 2020, 22:16, lb)


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