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* Eaton Crescent, 22 July: 'Loud music'

(S055) Complaint about noise from a flat at Eaton Crescent, Clifton, on night of 22/23 July 2020.

Resident reports to UoB and managing agents: "The new tenants of Flat No[x], No[xx] Eaton Crescent, were playing loud music after 2330 on Wed 22nd Jul. I asked them to turn it down and be more considerate of neighbours. Later, at about 0130, I was woken again by them being noisy in the courtyard for about an hour. Please could [you] remind the tenants of their community responsibilities, especially considering that the issues we normally face in September are now starting already due to summer occupation of the HMO."

(Email, 25 July 2020, 14:16, ns)


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