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* Hampton, 22 July: 'Loud bass, shouting'

(S051) Fourth complaint recorded in July against a student house in Hampton Road, between Aberdeen and Abbotsford roads, this time in relation to disturbance on 22/23 July.

A resident wrote to UoB at 1am on the 23rd: "[xx] Hampton Road is currently having another party. They have been playing loud bass music since around 11pm (Wednesday night/Thursday morning) and there is shouting. We can also hear people being wished goodbye as they leave the house, so suspect not all the people attending are from this household."

(Email, 23 July 2020, 01:00)

A few hours earlier, the resident had written to UoB registering a general complaint and saying: "This is a house of 10 UoB students that have caused noise disturbances (late night/early morning parties on weekdays) since they have moved in. They have been warned before, and despite sending round a letter promising to not create any more noise disturbances, they continue to play bass music and shout in the garden even late at night and on weekdays."

(Email, 22 July 2020, 16:18)

Previous complaints about this house were reported on 06/07/2020, 08/07/2020 and 16/07/2020. Multiple complaints were also recorded about the same address in the academic year that ended on 30 June, when it was occupied by different UoB students.


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