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* Hampton, 21 July: 'Infantile whooping'

(S048) Loud singing from top-floor flat at a property on the east side of Hampton Road, near Kenilworth Road, in the early hours of 21 July.

A resident who is senior academic has complained to both universities: "I went out at about 2:15 because I have been kept awake despite my earplugs ... I've got the property, house number and singing on a short video. There has been almost uninterrupted loud singing for about an hour and a half ... The singing is accompanied by shouting and screaming, and the usual infantile whooping.

"From the extent of the noise, I expect more people than are allowed under current Covid rules, i.e., not just housemates.

"I called 101... However, was informed, as always, that the police do not deal with noise. THAT HAS TO CHANGE. It's one of the worst forms of anti-social behaviour in terms of making normal working people's lives hell in their own homes. It's getting close to 3; I have to get up for work in 4 hours but will be lucky to get to sleep for the next 2 hours."

"... Evidence this was an illegal party: some of it at least seems to be breaking up now and people are wandering off in noisy groups up and down Hampton Road."

(Email, 21 July 2020, 02:57)


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