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* Lansdown, 17 July: 'Sleep is impossible'

(S042) Further complaints to UoB about a student house in Lansdown Road, regarding noise disturbance in the early hours of 17 July.

A previous complaint against this house, relating to incidents on and around 6 July, was reported here.

Resident 1 wrote: "The noise was such that at midnight I called and found a house full of students, with noisy groups in both the front and back gardens smoking and talking loudly. I asked them to please go inside.

"They apologised and went in from the front garden. But they completely ignored my request to not make a noise at the back, and people are still in the garden making really disturbing amounts of noise. It’s 1.30am and sleep is impossible.

"When I spoke to the tenants they confirmed they were UoB students and were aware of UoB advice to be considerate neighbours. Their ‘excuse’ —they couldn’t easily control their visitors !!

"It is becoming ridiculous that I’m having to complain almost every night about students making disturbing amounts of noise."

(Email, 17 July 2020, 04:00, dc)

Resident 2 wrote: "[xx] Lansdown Road also kept me awake and this is not for the first time. They have been visited and told about this during daytime hours, twice. There was clearly a breach of Covid regulations with lots at the party from an early hour. Once again I am exhausted, having to get up at 6am for another day of teaching. This cannot continue. There is complete disregard for any other resident on this street."

(Email, 17 July 2020, 06:02, js)


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