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* Aberdeen, 16 July: 'Repeatedly noisy'

(S041) Further report about a house in Aberdeen Road that has already been complained about twice since 1 July. This one cites noise on 16 July and other occasions.

A resident wrote to UoB: "A student house inhabited by University of Bristol students (xx Aberdeen Road) directly behind my house ... has been having a party since about 9pm this evening. This house has been repeatedly noisy throughout this week and previously, with parties that congregate in their back garden, into which I can see from my house.

"There have been upwards of 10 students seen at the house throughout the day often together in the garden, which I think suggests students from multiple households have come to this house for this party—in defiance of the University's emails about social distancing, given COVID-19.

"The party has included loud, thumping bass music that can be heard all through the back of my house particularly loudly given the music seems to be coming from their garden. As the hours have progressed they have moved their speakers inside their house but the music is still audible in my house, and is very loud again as they frequently open the back window to smoke.

"Even when the music is less audible, their loud laughing or aggressive shouting is also far too loud. Additionally, earlier in the evening there were sounds of nos [nitrous oxide] canisters usage, primarily whilst they were in the garden, and I can't have any windows open at the back of the house because of the smell of weed coming from their direction.

"The party is still happening as I type this and I have again had to move from my bedroom at the back of the house to a different room at the front of the house in order to be able to sleep."

(Email, 17 July 2020, 00:25,kh)

Previous reports of disturbances at this property since 1 July: 04/07/2020 and 10/07/2020. The same house, though probably with different tenants, was also cited before 30 June: 26/05/2020 and 05/06/2020.


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