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* Roslyn, 13 July: 'Music, shouting'

(S035) A resident in Roslyn Road who has made several complaints about noise in the street makes a further report to UoB abut disturbance on 13 July.

She said: "Having to complain again about late-night noise in Roslyn Road, this time No [xx]. Music and talking through the evening from top-floor open window. Then just after 1 am, loud shouting in street as girl from [same address] was trying to push her bike through bins left outside on the pavement and then up the steps into [a neighbouring house] but could hardly stand up. She staggered back to No [xx]. Just as we were managing to get to sleep, woken by more shouting and scream. This went on for some time till well past 2 am."

(Email, 14 July 2020, 16:41, lw)


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