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* Melville, 9 July: 'Met by jeering'

(S022) Complaint to UoB about noisy gathering at a student house in Melville Road, near the junctioon wtih Hampton Road, on night of 9 July.

Resident writes: "Last night (9 July) we were woken around 23:30 by a lot of shouting in Melville Road. There were about 20 students stood on the steps outside the front of number [x], and also on the steps leading to the basement.

"The students were asked at least 3 times by different neighbours to go inside, but they refused. We went to talk to them at 12:15, and spoke to two of the residents. They agreed to take their guests inside. However, within a few minutes they were back on the steps.

"Another neighbour (I think from Hampton Road) explained he is a key worker and asked them to be considerate and go inside. He was met by jeering and none of the students went inside.

"We were kept awake until 2am. Today we are exhausted, having had only 4 hours of sleep. Today we are trying to balance home-schooling and working from home on very little sleep."

(Email, 10 July 2020, 10:14)


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