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* Melville, 11 July: '4am trolley ride'

(S025) Resident reports noise on street created by students living at [x] Melville Road, near Cowper Road, in the early hours of 11 July.

She says two students, one male, one female, who live in the street decided to ride home at 4am in an abandoned shopping trolley.

"The weird noise from the trolley woke us up and scared us, along with their shouting! "I asked them to stop and they did. ... They pretended to go away but I waited to see if they were students who lived on Melville Rd and yes they were! They tried to sneak in without me seeing them. I knocked on the door to speak to her and two others opened the door and she refused to come out ."

(Email, 11 July 2020, 08:41)


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