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* Roslyn, July: Multiple incidents

(S019) A resident has listed several recent incidents in Roslyn Road, one of which resulted in the police attending.

Friday, 3 July.

[A] Roslyn Road

"Last Friday was when the issues started for us; [the tenants] had a warm-up party ... which involved people and music till 04:00.

"Saturday night, they had a large gathering—I'd say between 20 and 30 people. I went round and asked them to get people in from the garden. The noise subsided for a while but soon picked up again lasting till 04:00."

Sunday, 5 July.

[C] Roslyn Road

The tenants "had a party till 03:00 - the issue was that they left the window open and the kitchen becomes a sound box. As the chatter in the room increases, people raise their voices until it becomes a cacophony escaping the house."

Monday, 6 July.

[B] Roslyn Road

The tenants "had a party which finished when the police attended at 02:00. I called 101 at midnight and went to see the students. They did make some efforts to get people in from the garden - but by 01:00 there were very loud, drunk people in the garden. I called 101 again and shouted over the garden wall asking them to go in. They did not—if anything more came out and [A] Roslyn Rd also came out in their garden. At 02:00 it went very quiet very quickly - I popped round the corner to see about 15 or so people dispersing in all directions and a police car outside."

The resident says he notified all the complaints to UoB and the property agents.

(Email, 8 July 2020, 21:01)

Note: Some of these properties are also mentioned in earlier incident reports from other people. However, the dates are not the same, so I have not tried to merge the reports. I have however given the properties index letters that correspond to those in an earlier report. AW

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