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* Hampton, 8 July: 'Stinks of weed'

(S018) Resident makes a further complaint to UoB about noise and cannabis use at a student house on Hampton Road (southern section, west side) on the evening of 8 July.

"The time is 2140hrs on Wednesday. [xx] Hampton Road are starting again.There’s between 10-15 of them in their rear garden and more arriving as time goes on (started at 2000hrs).

"Absolutely stinks of weed again so I’ve had to close all my back windows. ... I have observed a number of them passing around a joint."

(Email, 8 July 2020, 21:43)

The resident previously complained about this address on 6 July (see incident list for report).

(Update, 13 July)

The resident later reported some students had made attempts to apologise: "I don’t like contacting you when it’s only negative, so here’s a positive. Three of the occupants of [xx] Hampton have made efforts to attend all the neighbouring properties following the recent complaints to apologise." He said they had handed out a letter of apology that contained their phone numbers.

(Email, 10 July 2020, 14:32)


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