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  • Andrew Waller

* Manor Park, 8 July: Summary complaint

(S013) A Manor Park resident has written to both UoB and UWE summarising recent noise disturbances in the area and asking the universities to remind students about expected behaviour.

She writes: "Over the last week, a number of student properties have caused significant disturbance and distress to residents in Manor Park, BS6.

"On each occasion, residents have spoken to those responsible at the time, and there have also been numerous pleas for consideration via our community WhatsApp group. While most households have taken note when they have been individually called out, the cumulative effect has been a week of no sleep for residents as there have been gatherings of people outside houses until as late as 3am every morning.

"Part of living in a community is an understanding of your impact on others and I fear that each year lip-service is paid to this in the form of asking students to be mindful, but year on year residents have to go through the same process of socialising students as they do not fulfil their obligations as part of a community.

"The impact they have on neighbourhoods is significant —we tolerate noise, a general disregard for putting out / taking in bins and recycling which leads to litter that residents clean up, and a huge amount of mess and fly tipping at the end of term and especially at the start of summer break."

She asks the universities to contact all the students living in Manor Park to underline what is expected of them.

(Email, 8 July 2020, 13:14)