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Noise in the News

These are links to news articles both from Bristol and around the country that may be of interest. They refer to noise problems (not always ones involving students) or issues to do with students, universities or housing, particularly HMOs.


Members of a Hyde Park residents group say they have not slept for three weeks because of 'selfish' students' having regular all-night 'Covid parties' during the lockdown.

Yorkshire Evening Post, 1 July 2020

The first event after lockdown is going to be huge

BristolLive, 25 May 2020

Noise - Health

From heart disease to type 2 diabetes, noise is having dire effects on people’s health. So who is most at risk, what can be done about it – and can you protect yourself?

The Guardian, 3 July 2018

(NB: I dispute the suggestion that all that sufferers need do is complain to the council and sit back to await the result. Good luck with that ...)

Student Housing

BBC News website, 4 July 2020


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