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* Roslyn, 4 July: 'Party central'

(S002) Noise from late evening of Saturday, 4 July, into early hours at several student houses in Roslyn Road.

A resident has sent a complaint to UoB in relation to a house on the east side of the street: "At about 23.30 there was a group of 10 males and females on [the] front steps drinking ... and chatting loudly. Some then left and some went in the house ..." Later, there was "lots of knocking on their door" from people arriving, together with "constant chatter" and people standing on the front steps and "talking loudly/shouting throughout the night till 3.15am, when a noisy group left."

She also cites noise from two other houses in the street.

"Last night, was party central with disco lights and bass music from some of the other houses ... Most of the noise from [xx] and [xx] stopped just after midnight. Some others woke me up at 6am when returning."

(Email, 5 July 2020, 15:16)


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