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  • Andrew Waller

* Manor Park, 6 July: 'Five nights of noise'

(S007) Resident complains to UoB about party in ground-floor student flat in Manor Park on the night of 6 July.

"Music began blaring at 11.45 pm. This is now the 5th night in a row, with signs of escalation rather than any reduction in noise. The ‘parties’ began on the 2nd of July when the students initially moved in, but last night was the worst by far."

At midnight, her partner and a neighbour from several doors away went to the property together to ask for the noise to be turned down. She says they received abuse from the student who answered the door. "Upon closing the door, the music, which had been paused, was resumed."

She adds that "after 3 years living on the street, this is probably the worst we have had to put up with."

(Email, 7 July 2020, 08:18)