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* Hampton, 6 July: Garden party, cannabis

(S006) Resident makes report to police and UoB on drug use and noise at garden gathering at a student house on Hampton Road (southern section, west side) on the evening of 6 July.

He reports a gathering of "at least 10 people" at the house, which he complained about just weeks previously when it was occupied by different tenants.

On this occasion, he said, "the smell of cannabis is so strong I have had to close the windows at the back of my property (despite the warm weather)". He said he filed a report with the police but was told they were very busy.

(Email, 6 July 2020, 20:34)

As the time passed midnight, he emailed UoB again to say he had "tolerated" noise from both [2x] Hampton Road and another nearby house since 9pm. There was "a steady stream of people going into [2x]". Meanwhile a different group assembled outside the other house, prior to "marching off down Aberdeen Road shouting".

(Email, 7 July 2020, 00:30)

Another resident has also referred to events at these two houses in a separate complaint to UoB (see here). He says: "[2x] Hampton Road were playing music and shouting in the garden until at least 1am."

(Email, 7 July 2020, 10:08)


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