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► Hartington, June: Multiple incidents

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19091) A resident in Hartington Park has described the "constant challenge" of living next to students.

In an email to UoB sent on June 25, 2020, he writes of "repeated week-night parties/noise, bins overspilling on the wrong days of the week, generally a feeling that I am invisible to them as a neighbour despite repeated pleas to allow me to sleep in order to perform my daily job as best as possible."

The students he complains about have since left the property but were almost immediately replaced by new student tenants. It has not been confirmed if his former neighbours were UoB students—as of July 5, the university had not responded to his email.

The resident says: "They appointed one house member as the one I could text-message if things were too loud. Repeatedly I have been met with the same response, that they will be more considerate in future."

The frequent disturbances caused him to lose sleep and left him "massively disrupted" at a time when he was trying to finish a large work project.

"I shouldn’t have to tell them, but I have explained multiple times the technical aspect of my job, and the need for sleep and to be able to concentrate. I have had to explain to my employers at times why I have been late for work or not performing at my best due to student disruption.

"I cannot tolerate this situation for much longer. I am self-employed and as such can be easily replaced if I am not performing my job as well as can be. I have pointed out to the students that I’m sure their parents wouldn’t appreciate an invoice from me for lost income.

"This is the last week of them being there, and it feels like they are just loose cannons who don’t give a damn as they are leaving."

(Email to me, July 5, 2020. 10:40)


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