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► Roslyn, Jun 27: 'Party until 5am'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19089) A resident in Roslyn Road reports she had to get out of bed twice, at 3.50am and again at 5am, to remonstrate with students holding a party across the street from her house.

She says she was sworn at on the second occasion and felt intimidated confronting "a group of drunk, rowdy males." A second resident says there was a strong smell of cannabis coming from the house.

Both residents have made complaints to UoB.

The first resident, who has young children, says in her email to the university that the latest incident came after "weeks of noise coming from students drinking and shouting in their front and back gardens during the hot weather and often in to the early hours."

She cites frequent disturbances from students living in Roslyn Road as well as those on Stanley Road whose gardens back on to Roslyn.

The latest incident, in the early hours of June 27, 2020, involved "low-level music and noise all throughout the night, with at least 20-plus people who do not live at the property shouting and cheering all night, and groups smoking on the front steps.

"At 3.50am I left my bed and went outside to ask them to be quiet, reminding them that there is a pandemic and that they are breaking the law by having a house party, and that I would call the police if it continued. Also that it was hot and everyone is having to sleep with their windows open. They apologised and said they would go inside and keep it down, telling me it’s their last week and they are celebrating.

"At 5am it was even louder and I went outside again to find 20-plus males in the street shouting and whooping at the top of their voices. I told them to move on, and off the street, and that they were breaking the law ...

" ... they were swearing at me and shouting “vote Boris” before walking away together in a large group. No social distancing going on here. I felt very intimated as a woman finding myself confronting a group of drunk, rowdy males in the street outside my house and in my pyjamas too.

"This is the third complaint that I have now made about parties at No xx this academic year.

(Email, June 27, 2020. 10:59)

The second resident says the noise started at about 1am, with about 10 people on the steps outside the house, drinking and shouting. After this they went inside and about 20 minutes later bass music started, accompanied by constant chatter, shouting and laughter.

People were "coming in and out of the house all night, slamming the front door every time, and some people knocking on [the] door. The smell of drugs (cannabis) was horrible in our bedroom opposite their house.

"I managed to get to sleep at about 3.30 but this was short lived. I got woken up at 4.20 by more noise in [the] street as well as their living room and louder music at 5am."

She adds that one night the previous week there was also "a lot of noise from this house till about 1.30 in the morning, but nothing compared to this! We are in lockdown still and they had so many other people coming and going from this house last night—a total disregard to government rules!"

(Email, June 27, 2020. 17:01)


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