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► Brighton, Jun 17: 'Noise in garden'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19081) A resident of Cowper Road has complained to UoB about late-night noise coming from the gardens of student properties in Brighton Road, which backs on to Cowper.

The complainant cites incidents on Jun 15 and Jun 17, 2020: "We are residents on Cowper Road and were disturbed by parties at No. xx Brighton Road on two separate occasions already this week. The first was on Monday night (2200-0430) and last night 2215-0330.

"This has mainly been music and loud groups of students drinking in their gardens. ... Not only is it entirely anti-social given the timings, it also echoes around the enclosed space of Cowper and Brighton roads’ gardens

"Furthermore the students are blatantly disregarding current government Covid guidelines as they have all been away, come back to Bristol recently and their parties [are] of more than 6 people. This is a source of deep frustration for us as we have been furloughed and locked down in a top floor flat with no garden for the entirety of lockdown. Thinking they can flout the rules while others obey them is a disgrace."

(Email, June 18, 2020. 06:56)

(UoB says students didn't break guidelines by returning to Bristol because their rented properties are regarded as their primary residences. On the size of gatherings, the house in question is licensed for 6 occupants so a gathering of more than that number would imply the law in force at the time was breached.)


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