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Complaints rise as lockdown lull fades ... UoB students defy warning ... community liaison


Noise complaints are rising again after a two-month hiatus. An emergency-services worker says he and his key-worker partner are suffering the effects of repeated disturbance from student houses in Hampton Road and Aberdeen Road.

■ Residents say students who left the city when lockdown began have in some cases returned to their rented houses and are socialising in breach of restrictions. This appears to defy a public warning to UoB students in March, threatening fines of up to £800 for failure to follow social-distancing rules. Read more ...

■ I have urged the University of Bristol to rethink its decision to disband the Community Liaison Group. In a letter to Vice Chancellor Prof. Hugh Brady, I stated: “This decision and the way it has been conveyed appear to signal a retreat by the university from direct engagement with its nearest neighbours at a time when rapid expansion of student numbers calls for more communication, not less.” Read more ...


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