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► Hampton, May 28: 'Blasting music, smell of weed'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19074) A resident who works for one of the emergency services says he and his partner are suffering a "downward turn" in their health and wellbeing because of noisy students.

The resident lives on Hampton Road near the junction with Aberdeen Road and has complained to UoB about activity at two student houses nearby.

In an email sent just after 9pm on May 28, he says: "Yet again this evening we have been subject to (so far) 3 hours worth of blasting music from [xx] Hampton Road and at least 10 people in their garden as well as the smell of weed." (Email, May 28, 2020. 21:07)

The resident told UoB in an earlier email that since he moved into the area almost six months ago "I have had numerous issues with what I believe are students residing in this area. I have not complained before, however it is now getting to the stage that I am looking at moving home [because] of the ongoing anti-social behaviour I am suffering due to the students."

His complaint singled out the house in Hampton Road and another nearby in Aberdeen Road (see separate report).

Of the house in Hampton Road, he says the issues included "noise, drunken behaviour and drug mis-use (cannabis). Over the last week or so there has been constant parties at the address going into the early hours, music blasting and drunken students falling out of the front door down the stairs then resting on the pavement. Not only is their behaviour disrespectful towards their neighbours but also dangerous for those involved. I often walk past the property with their windows open and can smell cannabis from within...

"I am also concerned about the fact they appear to be having other students visit their property at this time with the Covid restrictions still in place."

The resident describes the cumulative toll of noise disturbances in the area: "I work for one of the blue-light emergency services and my partner is also a key worker. Between us we work a mixture of days, evenings and night shifts. Our health and wellbeing is taking a downward turn because of this ongoing behaviour displayed by your students."

(Email, May 27, 2020. 19:25)

The house in Hampton Road was the subject of complaints from two other residents last October. One cited parties "at least twice a week" following Freshers' Week and the other described being disturbed on several occasions during the same period by "loud thudding pile-driver type music" from the address.

Following those complaints, UoB said the students concerned had been called to a disciplinary meeting. In the latest case, the emergency-services worker has received a reply indicating his complaint has been referred to pro-vice chancellor level. This is the highest of three levels in the university's disciplinary system, and fines can reach £800 per student.

Besides noise disturbance, the university may also take into consideration students' compliance with lockdown restrictions. Pro-Vice Chancellor Sarah Purdy publicly warned UoB students in March that they risk disciplinary action if they don't follow the government's social-distancing guidelines.


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