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► Aberdeen, May 26: 'Party late into night'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19073) Three residents have complained about noise disturbances from a student house in Aberdeen Road, near the junction with Hampton Road, on and around May 26, 2020.

The first resident, writing on May 27, cites "general noise in the day yesterday turning into a party in the evening and late into the night. Visibility of the garden not great, but seemed to have a bonfire ... Today: Constant noise. Lots of activity in garden including unpermitted felling/pruning of trees (presumably for another bonfire or to create space for [another] party).

(Email, May 27, 2020, 13:37)

The second resident says the late-night party "seemed to be a large gathering in their garden which went on into the early hours."

(Email, May 27, 2020, 12:34)

A third resident complains about recent activity at the house in Aberdeen Road as well as another nearby in Hampton Road (see separate report). Of the house in Aberdeen Road, he says: "Since their return this week they have had a party every single night in their rear garden lasting until the early hours. They have been burning fires in the garden as well as very loud music and rowdy (shouting and swearing) behaviour. ... It has proven difficult to sleep each night—despite the fact we have double-glazed windows."

(Email, May 27, 2020, 19:25)


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