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► Cowper, Mar 5: 'Noise, cannabis'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19071) A resident in Cowper Road has again complained to UoB about noise from a student house that frequently produces loud music, keeping her two children awake.

The resident said: "They play loud music constantly all night and it’s keeping my 9 & 2 year old children up ... my 9 year old has school ... and it’s affecting her school life due to the noise next door. I am 8 months pregnant and struggling to sleep with their noise."

She also complains of a smell of cannabis from the house and says she brought her daughter home one day to find a student sat on the front steps "smoking cannabis in front of the whole street."

Also, she said: "They had a party two days ago and there were boys stood in the garden peeing up against my wall and this behaviour is absolutely disgusting."

The resident previously complained about the same house in December—see incident 19049.

(Email: March 5, 2020. 10:29)


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