Cotham Vale HMO bid is rejected ... UoB and community liaison ... Roslyn noise 'ruins lives'

February 28, 2020


An attempt to gain retrospective planning approval for an illegal HMO in Cotham Vale has been rejected by Bristol City Council after drawing a long list of  public objections. Had it been approved, five houses in a run of six properties would have been HMOs, adding to what the council calls a "harmful concentration". Read more ...

■ I have urged the University of Bristol to rethink its decision to disband the Community Liaison Group. In a letter to Vice Chancellor Prof. Hugh Brady, I stated: “This decision and the way it has been conveyed appear to signal a retreat by the university from direct engagement with its nearest neighbours at a time when rapid expansion of student numbers calls for more communication, not less.” Read more ...

■ A resident of Roslyn Road has sent an angry letter to the university, the city council, the local MP and others claiming noise disturbances by the many students who live in the street are "ruining lives". Read more ...

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