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► Eaton Crescent, Feb 26: 'Woken multiple times'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19068) A letting agency says it has sent "a strong email" to tenants at a flat in Eaton Crescent after a resident reported being woken by loud music in the early hours of Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

The resident says: "I was woken multiple times before the music got so loud that I had to get out of bed and go round to find out the specific flat that was making the noise. I also found that they were keeping [another flat] awake as well. I had to knock on the windows for 3 minutes before I got a response. They were apologetic but obviously very merry. The noise abated but did not fully stop and so I resorted to ear plugs."

He describes himself as "grumpy and tired (again)".

(Email, Feb 26, 2020. 03:42)

The agents said: "We are very sorry to hear that you have been disturbed again. We advise that we have sent a strong email to all the tenants in [xxx] and also informed the landlord."

(Email, Feb 26, 2020. 12:17)

The resident was later disturbed on Wednesday night by noise from another flat in Eaton Crescent. See report 19069.)


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