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UoB should rethink community liaison decision ... new rules to limit spread of HMOs


I have written to the University of Bristol urging a rethink of its decision to disband the Community Liaison Group. In a letter to Vice Chancellor Prof. Hugh Brady, I stated: “This decision and the way it has been conveyed appear to signal a retreat by the university from direct engagement with its nearest neighbours at a time when rapid expansion of student numbers calls for more communication, not less.” Read more ...

Draft new rules to limit the spread of HMOs have just been released by Bristol City Council, and will now go to public consultation. (Submit views by March 20). These could be especially significant for the Redland and Cotham areas. Read more ...

Email subscribers: I will send out an e-newsletter this weekend (Feb 1/2). If you don't see it, please let me know. I include a note of possible interest to Manor Park and Waverley-Ravenswood residents.


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