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► Ravenswood, Jan 29: 'Bedlam on our doorstep'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19056) A resident in Ravenswood Road has complained to UoB about disturbance caused when students left a house near on Wed, Jan 29, 2020, after what may have been a pre-drinks party.

She writes: "At around 11.00 pm we started hearing groups of people in the street talking loudly, shouting and apparently kicking bins/recycling boxes.

"A succession of taxis arrived, accompanied by the repeated slamming of car doors. One car parked in front of our house at around 11.30 pm with loud music blaring out.

"I looked out of the window at 11.40 pm and saw a group of people leaving number [xx], some of them carrying bottles (of alcohol?) and, after a few minutes, get into a taxi. Five minutes later another group of people were standing outside number [xx] talking loudly for some time.

"The street finally became quiet just before midnight but for one hour we had bedlam on our doorstep, just at the time when we should have been getting a good night's sleep in preparation for work the next day. I lay awake for a long time after the disturbance ended, unable to sleep."

(Email: Jan 30, 2020, 11:02)


  • UoB's rules call for no excessive noise "at any time of day or night". Its advice page suggests parties should finish by 10pm on week nights.

  • The same property has been mentioned in two previous reports this academic year: 19028 and 19004.


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