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► Roslyn, Dec 14: 'Like living near a student bar'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(19052) Second complaint, a week after the first, about a student house in Roslyn Road.

(See here for earlier incident.)

A resident has written to UoB: "There was another party at No. [xx] on Saturday night (14 December 2019). Lots of noise disturbance from guests going in and out of the property all throughout the evening, especially from the constant knocking loudly on the door and shouting to be let in.

"There were also groups of drunk students smoking and drinking on the steps outside the property all evening, whooping and shouting. I texted Operation Beech at 11pm and requested they attend. They were there within 10 minutes, which was impressive .... I heard the host say 'don’t worry we are going out in a bit' ..."

The resident says this was followed by 20-30 people waiting for Uber taxis in the street, "which went on for a good 30 minutes."

The disturbance ended around midnight.

"That’s now the second Saturday evening in a row that’s been ruined by No. [xx]. It’s like living across the road from a student bar, although even the local pub (Kensington Arms) doesn’t allow people congregating outside after 10.30pm. So why should we have to endure this from the students?!"

(Email: Dec 16, 2019. 09:57)



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