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► St Michael's Hill, Dec 9: 'Music pumping thru walls'

(19050) A resident has complained to UoB about a party at a student house on St Michael's Hill on Mon/Tue, December 9/10, 2019.

She wrote: "It is after 2.00 am and the music is pumping through the walls between [xx] and my house ... I have to be up at 7.00 am!! Having taken mobile numbers and texted the students, the party is still going on. I have been round and knocked twice but to no avail. They are refusing to answer the door. What bit of terraced housing do they not get? I feel as if I’m inside a club.

"We were informed yesterday by the students ... that there was to be a party tonight. We asked as it is a working day that the music is switched off by 12.00 and other noise by 1.00 am.

"Whilst they may knock on the door and let us know ... it is always a fait accompli. They never ever stick to the agreed time and noise levels."

(Emails: Dec 10, 2019, 00-45 and Dec 11, 2019, 13:35)

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