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► Cowper, Dec 8: 'Lost sleep affects kids at school'

(19049) Mother complains her children are being kept awake by frequent loud music from a student house in Cowper Road.

A resident wrote on Dec 9: "I constantly have loud parties coming from [xx] Cowper Road to the point it is waking my poor little children up and they can not sleep! I complained and knocked on the door at 00:17am and told them my daughter has school in the morning, and turn it down. They simply ignored it and turned it up! My husband knocked at 02:58am and said, 'Enough now, it’s seriously ridiculous', but again fell on deaf ears. They didn’t turn it down and kept my children up all night, which had a massive effect on their school today."

(Email: Dec 9, 2019. 21:27)

She has submitted a complaint to Bristol City Council's Neighbourhood Enforcement Team. (I have advised that she should also copy the complaint to the universities.)


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